Real Estate in Turkey

Real Estate Consulting in Turkey


Arsis Real Estate Company is founded as a reaction to rapidly increasing construction business in our country to help the customers as a consulting firm by our years of experience in the field and our visionary ideas.It is obvious that the companies that have a strong understanding on high-tech knowledge and equipments.The fundamentals of Arsis Real Estate is bring new and innovative ideas to the field according to the need of our era and lead the way by our knowledge and experience.

To purchase and sale real estate we help you to find the best options for you without wasting any time.We aim to be the most preferred business by following our well thought plan and by enlarge our portfolio day by day.Our principle is to be sincere and trustworthy in the business and give the best service.As Arsis Real Estate company we help you to purchase,sell or invest real estate or with project consults,real estate consult and to sell or purchase land.Even though the head quarter of Arsis Real Estate is in Bursa Turkey we work in IstanbulFethiye TurkeyMarmaris TurkeyAntalya TurkeyKusadasiKemer Turkey and Trabzon Turkey as well.

Arsis Real Estate not only works domestically but it cooperates with consulting companies England,Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates,Kuwait,Qatar and Russia.As in real estate business it provides specialty in accommodation services by Dream Of Holiday which is the top of the business.provides profitable choices to our customers.The sub-constitution; of our company Dream Of Holiday provides profitable choices to our customers.Arsis Vip Transfer offers you the top most qualified service of transportation and the information can be reached by the Arsis Vip Transport's web page.

Our mission


With our professional crew we provide nonstop service to our customers need with the best quality work.In addition our mission is to increase the profits and the potential of the companies that we cooperate with by being fast,independent,objective consultants.

Our Vision


As a strong business partner with our experience and our trustworthiness,our vision is to be the most respectable consulting company of our country by providing the best service to our customer and being part of the light of changeable global condition and the international standards.


Arsis Real Estate Difference


With the expert staff and high-tech equipment we provide fast and pratical solutions to the target group we based on providing the best service to our customers with variety of options.