Cars Rental Terms

Rental Conditions


Only the person or persons specified on the contract may use the vehicle you rented. Damage assurance will not apply in case of accident or damage caused by third parties who are not specified in the contract. Persons who can use our vehicles other than our customer who rented, must pay the additional driver price. We require a driver's license for two years and a 22 year obligation from the person or persons who can use our rental vehicles.


Additional Driver Terms


The use of the vehicles by third parties is possible only after the approval of Arsis Car Rental authority, the license and identification information of the additional driver (s) are entered into the rental agreement. Additional driver is included in the contract to be included in the insurance coverage, at an additional cost and you can call our reservation center for price information.


The person who hire agrees and undertakes that the rental vehicle shall not be used in the following;


a.) In the transportation of all kinds of goods considered to be a crime according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and other illegal activities,

b.) Towing or pushing another vehicle or trailer

c.) Race speed determination, rally, trials, motor sports

d.) On roads closed to normal traffic and unsuitable

e.) Passengers exceeding the number determined by the traffic rules, regardless of the baggage load and explosive materials,

f.) Under the influence of alcohol and drugs,

g.) Regardless of the form of payment, in exchange for the transfer of passengers and goods


Rental Conditions


The rental period of our vehicles is minimum 24 hours, ie one day. Weekend rentals are determined as at least 2 days. Our monthly rentals will be valid for 30 days or more.


Vehicle Delivery Terms


You can take or deliver the vehicle you rent from Arsis Vip in every province where our company operates.