Daily tours in the city of Bursa, Turkey

Daily Travel Tours in Bursa


Certainly; Turkey Bursa is one of the rare places that is visited all year around due to its geopraphical location,developed industry and the historical importance of the city.It is a popular destination for both summer and winter tourism in Turkey and gains more popularity being in close distance to Istanbul.There are so many alternatives for your day trips in Bursa with so many visitors. You can find so many different tones of green color in Bursa and you can reach seaside after a driving distance of only 20 minutes from city center. Historicalplaces, seaside its nature and thermal waters have gained more importance with the developments made by Bursa governer, Bursa municipality. We,as Arsis Bursa Daily Tour Company, choose different alternatives for you to visit important places when you come to our city.




Uludag Bursa: It is the most preferred ski resort in Turkey. Uludag region hosts the most visitors of Bursa city. Uludag offers visual feasts to visitor with natural beauties in summer months beside winter months.


Bursa Iznik: It is one of the first settlement centers of Bursa city.You will find history and natural beauties in Iznik,the city of Dionysus thats know as the god of wine.


Bursa Tophane: Tophane,which is the undisputed landmark of the Bursa city,has been a source of inspiration for world's famous poets and writers with its history,nature and location.


Mudanya-Trilye: Mudanya is the closest coastline at Bursa and its at an important location with being in close distance to Istanbul. Mudanya town is much preferred by the local people lives in Bursa especially  at weekends with its high quality fish restaurants,cafes and tea gardens.The old Greek Village of Trilye - Zeytinbagi is ''a must to visit'' while you are in Mudanya Turkey. The village of Trilye,produces the most delicious olives of the world and it will be a good visit point where you can spend quality time in elegant restaurants.

Cumalikizik Village: Cumalikizik Village;where you will find the best architectural structure of the Ottoman Empire and frequently hosts series and film sets,is one of the most notable locations for Bursa visit.


Inegol Oylat: Oylat thermal baths thats located in the town of Inegol in Bursa,is a place where medical waters meet with a lush nature.Oylat thermal baths are one of the most important centers in Bursa for thermal tourism and are worth seeing.


Historical Places of Bursa: Bursa was the capital Ottoman Empiry that has so many historicalplaces to visit.Ulucamii, Arap Sukru Street Irgandi Bridge, Green Mosque, Emirsultan Mosque, Kozahan, Princhan, Emirbeyhan are some of those places.

Beside the historical palaces; Bursa Botanical Park ( Bursa Zoo ),Uludag National Park,Inkaya,Irgandi Bridge, Seitabat Waterfall, Sultanat Door, Uluabat Lake( Apolyont), Kemalpasa waterfall are the other worth seeing touristic places.

We, as Arsis Bursa tours company made a list of worth seeing places for you. We do provide tour guide and give guidance service to our guests beside our airport transfers, yatch charter, rent a car with driver and villa rental.


Our Daily Travel Tours of Bursa


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