Business Transfers in Turkey

VIP Business Transfers in Turkey


Arsis Business Transfer company being transported elite businessmen and senior executives and guests coming to our country, you can combine concept of hotel comfort in the mobile office, we are at your service and service your guests with high experienced staff, According to the desires of your guests plan a visit are kept strictly confidential . We can offer hosting service, personal protection, and guide it at your request. You can find daily newspapers and magazines in the car. We offer you hospitality refreshments and snacks as you desire own. Meet your needs for housing at your request. For more information You can contact our call center.

The main reasons for preferring the Arsis Vip Service

* The latest model of the (BMW) Series 5, (BMW) 7 Series (BMW X5), Jaguar, Porche, (Mercedes) S Classic.

* Drivers are trained on safe driving.

* We bring you news of the world in newspapers service from 8:00 until 13:00.

* Internet service is available in all cars.

* Provide snacks in the car.

* Small car, but for the dear guests can be added, such as a seat for children, additional services vary by city, please ask when booking.